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HW V and house cleaning..

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HW V and house cleaning..

PostFri Dec 13, 2019 3:36 pm

Hi all.. I'm slowly doing the migrating over to HW V.

Am I correct in assuming that since the V 4.2 sample sets won't be needed, can or should I uninstall all my V 4.2 encrypted organ sample sets off the hard drive? I figure I can regain storage space by getting rid of organ sample sets no longer in use by the new upgrade. I know what unencryped organ I have, will work on either version.

I wanted to ask before I go ahead and delete the previous version. I didn't want to experience any regrets by doing so.

I'm ok with re-configuring everything with a clean, new install of Version V.

Thanks. Bill
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Re: HW V and house cleaning..

PostSat Dec 14, 2019 5:28 am

Hello Bill,

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Assuming that the producers of the relevant v5-compatible versions of sample sets have simply re-protected those sets for v5 (as opposed to making them completely independently-installable sample sets, with different organ definition names and/or installation package folders), and assuming that you're planning to install the v5-compatible versions of those sample sets anyway, then there should be nothing to be gained by un-installing them first, since installing/upgrading to the new versions would automatically remove the previous files before installing the new ones (with no user settings/combinations/voicing being lost in the process).

Hence in practice, I wouldn't expect there to be any benefit to un-installing the v4 versions of those sample sets first. When upgrading Hauptwerk itself to v5 all v4 organ cache files would have been cleared out anyway.
Best regards, Martin.
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