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Enhancement request for MIDI functions shared between organs

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Enhancement request for MIDI functions shared between organs

PostTue Dec 17, 2019 2:48 pm

Regarding Hauptwerk, I am mostly a collector of digital sound copies of historical organs. In my home, I try to reproduce the sound of the original instruments as close as possible including the original reverberation. Some time ago I provided a description of my setup here on the forum, see viewtopic.php?f=21&t=10829.

I have full understanding for the version change to Hauptwerk 5. Software piracy is a threading issue for a company like MDA. I am not using the new audio routing feature and convolution reverb.

The good news: The migration to Hauptwerk 5 worked flawlessly, although the time required for reinstalling many instruments and generating the cache files for all instruments was large. The bad news: I do not find any progress in user friendliness for handling a large number of sample sets. This is very disappointing for me.

Let me describe my needs and wishes: When setting up a new instrument, a lot of input describing my hardware is identical for each sample set. I am requested to input this manually step-by-step. For each new instrument I have manually to provide input, such as in the menu „MIDI/Key Trigggers for Master Pistons and Menu Functions for this Organ“, in particular the parameters „Registration: master general 01“-„…10“, „Registration: master general cancel“, „Registration: setter: on/off“, „Registration: stepper: trigger +1“ and “… -1“, Engine: audio volume trim: +1 dB“ and „… -1 dB“, „Engine: reset: entire organ“, „Engine: reset: organ key only“, „Recording: audio/Midi: recording/playback: stop“, „Recording: audio: recording: start“, „Recording: MIDI: recording: start“, „Registration: stepper: re-trigger current“, Registration: stepper: trigger 000“, and more. Other entries address the MIDI LCD panels. All these entries are specific for my console and most are identical for all sample sets installed in my setup.

My wish list: please provide a means to make the handling of these entries easier. This could be done in several ways. One of these is that each of these entries can be switched between "global" and "individual sample set" functionality. Another one is to provide a means to create batch files for setting these parameters.

Thank you, and I am hoping now for progress with Hauptwerk 6.
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Re: Open Letter to MDA from a customer with >100 sample sets

PostTue Dec 17, 2019 4:27 pm

Hello orgeltron,

[Topic moved here, and title edited to reflect the request.]

Thanks for upgrading, and glad to hear everything went smoothly for you.

Thanks also for the suggestions. We have had various requests over the years from people who'd like some of the organ-level settings for the master pistons/etc. also to be available/shareable at the general level (i.e. to apply to all organs), and we do have enhancement requests logged for those things. The focus wasn't on MIDI enhancements for v5, but I've no doubt that MIDI configuration will be focus for a future version (maybe v6 -- I don't know yet -- we're extremely busy with v5.0.0 right at the moment).
Best regards, Martin.
Hauptwerk software designer/developer, Milan Digital Audio.

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