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HW Crash only with Salisbury

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HW Crash only with Salisbury

PostSun Dec 22, 2019 6:43 pm

Yesterday, I removed and reinstalled my Salisbury vol3 sampleset.

The system is a homemade i5 with Windows 7 64pro and 32GB of RAM.

I accepted all the defaults. All was well until I got to the first pedal entry in the BWV565 fugue! Lots of stops and couplers so the polyphony was being tested. Then HW hung up. It became unresponsive and the most recent notes were still playing. My immediate thought was that HW5 had a wrong note detector and I had exceeded the limits! I always find that part tricky.

My RME UCX was still acknowledging MIDI input but HW itself had lost all interest.

I tried it again - same result. I tried it with just Salisbury Vol 1 - same result. Sometimes HW gave a prompt asking to confirm shutdown other times I used the Task Manager.

I then noticed that just playing lots of notes on the Great with lots of stops out caused the same issue. I tried the same with St Anne's and NDM but even with everything selected they worked (but sounded dreadful!).

Suspecting polyphony, I re-loaded Salisbury vol3 and changed the polyphony setting from 415 (I think) back to 256 and it was all OK. I gradually increased it, it is now at 512, and it is still all OK.

In short, I do not have a problem any more but thought I ought to mention it.

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Re: HW Crash only with Salisbury

PostMon Dec 23, 2019 6:33 am

Hello Richard,

What you experienced is almost certainly a symptom of this known bug in v5.0.0, which will be fixed for v5.0.1:



Hauptwerk v5.0.0 can freeze if you instantaneously and severely overload polyphony, relative to your current polyphony limit setting. For example, if you draw all stops and couplers on the St. Anne's organ, then play a chord on all of its virtual keyboards at once, with the polyphony limit setting set much too low (e.g. 256) to be handle the instantaneous polyphony demand, then Hauptwerk may freeze.

As a work-around, please simply ensure that the polyphony limit setting (on the 'Audio, MIDI and Performance' large control panel) is set sufficiently high, in order comfortably to be able handle the instantaneous polyphony demands that are likely to be required when playing (such as at least four times the maximum instantaneous polyphony demand expected). v5.0.0's polyphony management system should then work properly to drop polyphony as unobtrusively as possible for normal playing.

(This is a bug, and we'll make sure this gets fixed properly as a matter of priority for v5.0.1.)

That particular forum announcement thread ( viewtopic.php?f=10&t=17970 ) lists all current known bugs in v5.0.0 (and other key issues to be aware of).
Best regards, Martin.
Hauptwerk software designer/developer, Milan Digital Audio.

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