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New Mac

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New Mac

PostFri Jan 17, 2020 5:44 am

Hi there, I had HW V5 installed on an old Mac, since today I have a new one (mac mini), I have closed my ilok cloud sesison in the old one and I have opened a new ilok session in the new one, the installation of HW v5 has gone well , without problems, but when I am going to install my organs, it tells me that it cannot be installed because they may not have the license activated, I am seeing in the ilok cloud window that I have 6 sessions activated in ilok icloud. What's happening, can you help me? Thanks
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Re: New Mac

PostFri Jan 17, 2020 8:15 am

Good morning,

Log into your ilok manager then go to 'Files | Close all cloud sessions'. Exit ilok and reboot your computer. Log in ilok manager. In the right-pane, do you see your organs licenses (for all your encrypted sample sets)? Do you see your Hauptwerk Advanced license also?

You didn't say if on your old computer your organs were working? Have you done the licenses migration? Also, don't forget to install the licensing pack.

Make sure that you completed these steps if you didn't do it :

1. if you didn't previously migrate your Hauptwerk 4 licenses, connect your HW4 dongle to the computer. Start HW5, then go to "FILE" ; If HW5 "sees" the HW4 dongle there will be an option in the menu to transfer your licenses. Select that option ( FILE | Initiate migration...) and follow the instructions. Save the file on your desktop (or somewhere else, but remember where you're saving it since you will need to upload that file to Hauptwerk).

Once the file created, go to this webpage

... and upload your file.

Your licenses will be deposited into your iLOK account within minutes. Now open a cloud session - go to 'FILE | Open a cloud session'

2. Also, make sure to download and install in Hauptwerk the latest licenses pack

Installation is done in HW5 - go to FILE | Install organ... select the file and click OK.

3. Finally, make sure to download the v5 compatible packages for encrypted organs from the manufacturers website. Here is the page for MDA/Milan sample sets;

For the other organs, please contact the manufacturer.

Don't hesitate to contact me at support[at] and send me a diagnostic file (to create the file, in HW5 go to 'Help | Create a diagnostic...'

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