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Alessandria: no audio through headphones

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Re: Alessandria: no audio through headphones

PostTue Dec 22, 2020 12:00 pm

I note that Martin is providing you with some support. Once you've got your headphones playing the following may help!

{The trial organ comes with the CLOSE audio channel set to 100% and the others to 0%. It may be that the default routing is sending the CLOSE audio channel to an audio group that does not have any defined audio output. Changing the levels group output levels on the Alessandria Settings panel my resolve the problem....or not...}

Quick things to check:

With the Alessandria organ loaded
a. Open the In the Audio, Midi Performance large control panel for the organ.
(from the HW menu selectView | Large floating control panels....| Audui, Midi Performance....)
Check that the trim level is around -10db and that the volume level is not zero (80%)

b. Open the Audio Mixer, Routing ... large control panel
(from the HW menu select
View |Load large floating control panels for this Organ | Audio Mixer, Routing and Voicing/Panning Settings.)
Check that the Audio preset is the same as the preset for an instrument that plays.

c. In the Alessandria organ control screen make sure that the levels for the sound under the heading Audio Group levels, Master volumne (for each of close Front and Rear are not 0%. You change them by rolling the mouse through the digits.
(The default for this organ is that the Close setting is 100% and the others are 0%.)

d. If you are using the trial version, ensure the stops you are included in the trial version of the sample set.

If this doesn't help then perhaps try the following....

1. Load a sample set which works on your set up.
(Play a few notes with stops drawn to be sure it produces sound.)

2. Open the Audio Mixer, Routing... control panel
(from the HW menu select
View |Load large floating control panels for this Organ | Audio Mixer, Routing and Voicing/Panning Settings.)

3. Note which Mixer Preset is being used by the organ which plays.

4. From the Audio Mixer, Routing.... control panel, click on Rank Routing to open the ranks display. Click on one of the ranks of this organ for a stop which you know sounds.
Look at the right panel of the screen.
Note the name of the primary audio group used for each of the output perspectives (1-4) shown for that rank.
[This is to find details on an audio output path which works on your computer.]

5. Now load the Alessandria sample set.

6. Open the the Audio Mixer, Routing... control panel. Ensure the audio profile setting is the same as you noted about at step 3.

7.From the the audio Mixer Routing.. panel, open the Rank Routing panel.

8. On the Rank Routing Panel, select all the ranks (click on the first one, hold down cntrl, and scroll down to the last one. Click it and then release control).
In the right frame make output settings for the output perspectives (1-4) the same as you observed for the organ that sounded (as noted in step 4 above). When yo have done this click OK.
[This should have set the audio output for the Alex. to the same settings that worked for the organ which sounded.]

9. Trying drawing some stops on the Alessandria. organ and use the mouse to click a few notes on the console display. Do you get any sound?

Once you are getting some sound... then you can refine how you have set things up...

Best of luck

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Re: Alessandria: no audio through headphones

PostWed Dec 23, 2020 2:12 pm

i just had a sort of similar issue with the new Doesburg demo, with a difference …

All of the demo ranks played fine through headphones, but when I turned on my speakers I was able to hear only one of the demo ranks. Odd. Rebooting, and recaching, and checking where I was sending all of the audio, it still didn't work.

Then, after staring at it for a minute the light bulb lit and I reached up and slapped myself in the forehead. I had neglected to select ALL of the ranks before assigning the primary output group in the Organ Settings —> Rank Routing to Audio Mixer … Bus Groups …" menu.

Might be something to look at. Obviously don't know how you have your routing configured, but this fixed MY cockpit error … :mrgreen:

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