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Free composite sampleset: Zurek Organ v5 (5.1) (62/3+p)

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Re: Free composite sampleset: Zurek Organ v5 (5.1) (62/3+p)

Postby evertjan » Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:05 am

Wwhel21 wrote:I'm trying to reinstall Zurek 5 on a new SSD after my hard drive failed, and the old Freiberg 2.0 demo is no longer available on sonus paradisi. The new Freiberg 2.5 demo does not appear to work as the Zurek 5 download fails and notes Freiberg is the issue.

I was able to find a posting on pcorgan, and it looks like there may be a fix via a mega file, but the translation to English on that site did not make sense to me and I was wary about proceeding with the link there.


indead, you have to use the file, stored on!c1sXBaLY!Br43qqzjI3lrOEg_bij8DrfIwSfV1vfcF0g17WE1ufM
Anton have stored the old Freiberg demo there (with permission of Jiri Zurek). This file is only for the ZurekV
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Re: Free composite sampleset: Zurek Organ v5 (5.1) (62/3+p)

Postby Wwhel21 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:41 am

thank you evertjan - much appreciated!

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