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New sampleset available: Steinmeyer (1962), 31/II/P

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:11 am
by ReinerS
Dear all,

I am happy to announce the release of a new sample set, the Steinmeyer organ (31/II/P) from St. Magnus, Marktoberdorf.

The organ was built in 1962 and installed in Marktoberdorf in 2008. Originally it was built as part (Laurentius Organ) of the large organ installation in St. Lorenz, Nuremberg, at that time the second largest organ installation in Germany after Passau. When the organs of St. Lorenz were renovated starting from 2004, the impressive historic main console and the Laurentius Organ have been removed and replaced.

Fortunately they were saved by Dr. Sixtus Lampl, who runs a privately owned Culture- and Organ Centre in Valley, Germany, where he has collected more than 60 organs already. Not having enough space in the museum to put the organ on display, it was sold to the church in Marktoberdorf, where it is a perfect fit for the room, while the historic main console was put on display in the museum. This console is the second largest historical organ console in Germany following the one in Passau (which is also built by Steinmeyer!), and in the 1980s it was the first one world wide to be equipped with an electronic combination action, which featured 40 sets of 40 combinations each.

Then the idea was born to join the console once again with part of its pipework, at least virtually with the help of Hauptwerk. Since the Laurentius Organ was installed in Marktoberdorf nearly unchanged the plan was to sample this organ and install the sample set in the organ museum to be played from the historic console. This way at least part of the original organs once played from this console can now be played again from it.
Today not only is the announcement of the general availability of the sample set, but also the day of the premiere concert performed with it in the museum!

The sample set does have a few specialities. One is the way the recording positions have been chosen:
The "front" (direct) channels have been recorded from very close to the organ on the balcony, so they are rather dry. This allows for a good presentation when played back via speakers in an room with its own acoustics. The "rear" (ambient) channels were recorded from a good listening position near the center of the building, providing very lively sound with 3-4 seconds of reverb. Mixing of the channels is of course possible, making a huge difference in sound.

Also worth mentioning is the image size used for the GUI-pages. The resolution is so high that even when using "retina"-displays the available screen resolution can be used fully. The tremulant for the Positif is available both as modelled and as sampled tremulant. More details are given on my website.

The sample set is available for download on my site now, and a number of demo recordings is posted there as well. Please have a look at the organ description and listen to the music played by some great organists.

The trial version contains the full sample set, and can be played without interruptions as long as not more than five stops are drawn. With more stops periodic muting of the sound will occur. The licenced version requires a dongle licence upgrade.

I very much hope you find this sample set, which is typical for late 20th century organs in southern Germany, a valuable addition to large library of Hauptwerk sample sets.

Best regards

Re: New sampleset available: Steinmeyer (1962), 31/II/P

PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:19 am
by seh52
Beautiful combination of clear crisp presence from front channels and acoustic enhancement from the rear...all adjustable! Thanks for the new demo model that allows uninterrupted play of up to 5 stops.

Re: New sampleset available: Steinmeyer (1962), 31/II/P

PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:14 pm
by ReinerS
Thank you for your feedback!
Glad you like it!