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The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is released!

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The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is released!

Postby prospectum » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:44 am

Hello everybody,

many of you have already heard about it: The virtual Holzhey organ of St. Peter und Paul Weissenau is finally available! Much more effort than expected was required to create this organ, especially for the development of Weissenau-specific processing algorithms. As many of you know, we do not mass-produce sample sets for profit but optimize/develop our methods to/for each individual instrument. Since research and development are nonlinear undertakings, this often means waiting and reduced profitability. However, my personal belief is that idealism always pays off in some way.

Dr. Höflacher writes: "Holzhey and his work have been receiving increasing attention over the last years. After decades of shadowy existence, the name Holzhey is about to become a household name again. Not without good reason: He succeeded in creating a distinct personal style which serves nowadays as an inspiration for the design of new organs. His instruments belong to rococo and classicism. However, in his later works the influence of romantic sound aesthetics becomes more and more perceptible. He was a contemporary of Haydn and Mozart. Holzhey's work represents the zenith of classicistic organ building in South Germany."

Please have a look at
for more information about Holzhey, the Weissenau organ and the sample set.

If you can read/understand German: Here is a full article on Holzhey and his work by Dr. Höflacher. Very interesting!

Please also check out our latest newsletter (see below).

Have a nice 4th advent weekend and a blessed Christmas,

Gernot Wurst

Dear PROSPECTUM newsletter recipients,

we are very happy to announce that the Holzhey organ of St. Peter und Paul Weissenau is now available!

For detailed information about Johann Nepomuk Holzhey, the Weissenau organ and the properties of the virtual organ please read ... fofile.pdf. Please have a look at ... d1=2&id2=9 for some photos and screenshots. Some sound demos are already available at (search for 'Weissenau').

As stated in the last newsletter, there are two versions of the virtual Holzhey organ: A 2 channel standard version that is oriented towards the original instrument (41 stops, 54 manual and 27 pedal keys) and a 4 channel premium version with extensive perspective control features, extended keyboard ranges (61 manual and 32 pedal keys), additional couplers and an additional reconstructed stop (Positiv Syflöt 2'). Holzhey installed the Syflöt 2' in his Obermarchtal organ instead of Fugari 4'.

Minimum donations are 199 € for the standard version and 249 € for the premium version. These amounts are based on the moderate minimum donation amounts of the Silbermann organ Zöblitz and scaled by the size of the organ. Considering the overproportional effort it took to create the Holzhey organ, we think that this is an accomodative calculation. Since we have more than 150 ranks of organ samples waiting to be turned into virtual organs (including a spectacular III+P/48 baroque organ!), please consider adding a few extra Euros to support our work in 2016 if possible. Thank you!

Important: For now both versions of the Holzhey organ are delivered exclusively as downloads. We are planning to offer a boxed version (imprinted DVDs, nice cover etc.), too, in a month or two. Of course, if you order now, you can always get the boxed version afterwards without having to buy another Holzhey organ license.

Please also note that

* if you live in the EU, we recommend to use SEPA for payments because it is free.
* in order to make a PayPal payment to PROSPECTUM, please go to, log in, click on 'send money' and follow the instructions on the screen.
* we recommend to use FileZilla (free, available at for your downloads. Simply copy your download link (available in the customer area) into the 'server' text box in FileZilla and click on 'connect'.

Greetings from Swabia and have a reflective Advent,
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby adri » Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:17 am

Hi Gernot,

I think you forgot to add a link to your website

Here it is:

On second reading of your posting: My mistake; you did link it...oh well..two links are better than one? No?
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby martinus » Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:38 pm

Hello All!

downloaded and installed " the Holzhey "
Fabulous quality instrument , rich balanced clear one word : it was worth waiting some years for this GEM :D

Keep up the good work Gernot and team !


Mart c van Herk
Patience is a virtue
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby untersatz32 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 6:53 pm

What a wonderful Christmas surprise!!
This is a gorgeous and versatile organ (old music, Bach, French Baroque, South german baroque, Mendelssohn etc): It was worth waiting every day!

Keep on the good work: Gratulations to Prospectum and to Gernot Wurst:
Happy Christmas to you all!

Thomas (Switzerland)
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby murph » Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:34 pm

An update was released today. It sounds even better now!!!!!!
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby sesquialtera » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:48 am

An update was released today. It sounds even better now!!!!!!

Thank you murph for this good news !
I'm waiting for the DVDs... Does anyone know an approx. release date, please ? :roll:
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby Romanos » Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:08 pm

I'm thrilled with this instrument. I particularly like the VERY generous licensing agreement. Basically, you can use it however you want. It's wonderful having at least one set like that.
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby ChangedForever » Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:15 pm


I jumped on the band-wagon. Just paid the paypal fee for downloading of about 8GB for the Weissenau; too bad DVD's aren't available - I guess once I get it downloaded, I'll CREATE my own DVD's in case it's needed later.

Won't be able to "sit on the bench" till this weekend.... hopefully by then the download will be complete.

Hoping you enjoy yours,
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby johnstump_organist » Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:13 am

I have the Holzhey installed, both standard and premium, now for a few days. I was playing last night (premium), using just the ViolonBass 8 in the pedal and noticed that low F# / Gb has an odd behavior. After about a second and a half, the fundamental disappears and it turns into a 4 flute sound. Just wondering if this happens in the actual organ, (I have known cases of pipes over blowing to the octave after initially speaking correctly, but this is such a drastic change in tone quality) or if the sustain portion of this note in the sample set is possibly linked to the wrong sample file?
Otherwise, I am enjoying the set very much. Like the other two sets I own from Prospectum, this one seems to be very well done and consistent quality throughout.
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The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is released!

Postby Stagge » Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:29 am

Hello Hauptwerk friends

does someone heard something about the 1.02 update for Weissenau?

I'm waiting much because Gernot has announced that this update will bring the portrait screens.

The sample set is really beautiful, the wide mensuration of the pipes is very characteristic.

Kind regards
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby jgod » Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:44 pm

Is this still available? :D
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby Olivero » Mon Dec 24, 2018 3:46 pm

Of course! Check here:

Greetings and Merry Christmas,
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Re: The Holzhey organ Weissenau (1787,III+P/41(42)) is relea

Postby adri » Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:42 pm

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