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Grand Symphonic Cavaillé-Coll

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Re: Grand Symphonic Cavaillé-Coll

Postby subbas32 » Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:58 pm

Hello adri,

adri wrote:Do we need to order:

1. Stephen Schaub's Metz extension?

2. Caen extension?

You do not need to download the Metz extension from Stephen Schaub, but you do need to have the 4-manual Caen extension.

The following sample-set are required:
1) Caen version 2.5 (Sonus Paradisi)
2) Metz (Milan Digital Audio)
3) 4-manual Caen extension (Custom Hauptwerk Organs)

and the following sample-set is optional:
4) Rotterdam Hoofdorgel (Sonus Paradisi)

Best regards,

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