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Is it possible to improve the way to simulate dry samples ?

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Re: Is it possible to improve the way to simulate dry sample

Postby Johannes Sørensen » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:57 pm

Romanos wrote:
”I'd suggest looking into the Rosales in Portland. There are two front samples and the position that is closer to the console is nearly completely dry but not quite as harsh as if it were recorded in the actual pipe chambers. That would likely give you a nice result as you'd have a brilliant organ allow it to be refashioned for your particular room. (Just make sure you spend time voicing!)”

By this way, only load the semi-dry front-direct samples recorded close to the organ with truncated tails from a 6-channel surround sample set, I have obtained the best result. Far better than with any of the few dry sample sets. Possibly not ideal but a good compromise I think.
The Rosales, Portland sample set is just one out of several fine possibilities from Sonus Paradisi. Furthermore the free demo sample sets make it possible to get an impression of the result and judge for one self listening with own ears before buying the complete sample set.

Best regards
Johannes Sørensen
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