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Problem on Reuter w/cresc pedal/couplers

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Re: Problem on Reuter w/cresc pedal/couplers

PostFri Nov 16, 2018 1:39 pm

josq wrote:All this sounds to me like a bug, not a feature. I am working on an email to mr Zurek.

Since nobody has been able to reproduce the particular quirk being reported... Crescendo Pedal unable to turn itself completely off in certain situations... then it would be very difficult to correct it as a "Bug". If it turns out to disappear upon reconfiguring the Organ, that should be an acceptable result. Probably unlikely that anybody else would wander into the same problematic Configuration by chance, since nobody has yet been able to achieve it on purpose.

josq wrote:There are a couple of other issues: the divisionals impact the intramanual couplers (is that correct??)

The Original Poster made no mention of Divisionals.

josq wrote:and unified ranks are not or only partly unified in the sample set.

Perhaps this would be at the discretion of the Sample Set Producer?
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Re: Problem on Reuter w/cresc pedal/couplers

PostFri Nov 16, 2018 2:12 pm

As this organ is enormous it would perhaps be appropriate to note the memory requirements for the organ in whatever configuration you have it in and divide that number by 0.666. Your computer must have at least that much memory to function properly as exceeding the capacity of 66% of the RAM can cause all sorts of strange malfunctions. In a PC or a Mac.

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