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Mascioni Organ from Hermance (Geneva) new sample set

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Mascioni Organ from Hermance (Geneva) new sample set

Postby takatsa » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:57 pm

I am happy to inform everyone that completed our new sample set. After the Grenzing organ from Geneva and Armagni-Mingot organ from Luins, this is our third sample, which was made in co-production with my Swiss-French friends.
It is a small one manual and pedal, Italian baroque style organ made by the Mascioni organ factory in 1987.
The recording was made in October 2018 by Laurent Dami and Yves-Noël Denis, under the direction of Alain Grandchamp.
I prepared two versions. The original version is exactly the same as the original organ. The lower octave is shortened, the manual 45 keys and the pedal are 19 keys. In the extended version, I replaced the shortened octave, I've extended the manual 49 keys, the pedal 27 keys and made a virtual second manual.
The sample sets made in several forms: stereo-wet and stereo-semidry and six-channels surround versions.

The sample set can be freely downloaded and unrestricted. RAM requirements are small, stereo formats require free-Hauptwerk, and Hauptwerk basic version for the surround formats.


Audio demos:
Frescobaldi - Partita sopra l'Aria di Follia
Gasparini - Sonata in E
Martini - Elevazione: Adagio
Arvo Part - Pari intervallo

More information

Special thanks to Gérard Lefranc who continually supported my work and effective assistance provided to all phases of making of sample set. The artistic audio demos were created by Dominique Dantand and István Nagy. The photos were made by Jean Marc Noyelle.

I hope everyone will enjoy this little Christmas surprise.
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Re: Mascioni Organ from Hermance (Geneva) new sample set

Postby einer_von_weitem » Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:44 am

Thank you!
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