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AVO - Stahlhuth Organ from Aachen (29/3+P) - new sample set

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AVO - Stahlhuth Organ from Aachen (29/3+P) - new sample set

Postby takatsa » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:23 am

I am happy to inform everyone that completed my two new sample sets.
Stahlhuth Organ from Aachen (29/3+P).

The three manual and 29 stops organ were built by the Aachen Stahlhuth Organ Factory in 1961. The organ has a mechanical console and electronic registration, the number of pipes are 2118. This little organ - like all the Stahlhuth organs - combines French and German organ building traditions.
The organ was made for Aachen-Burtscheid Saint Michael Church and it was donated to the Prohászka Church in Székesfehérvár (Hungary) in 1997.

Memorial Church of Bishop Prohászka was built in 1929-1933 in classicist style.It's a huge domed church which is the largest domed church in Hungary.The building is truly imposing, but its acoustics are problematic due to the extremely high echo.

The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops (1-14) and multiple releases (3 levels). Equal, a=440 Hz. The reverb 5-6 s, reflects the original acoustics of the church. Hauptwerk v4.2 and higher supported for the Organ Definition Files.
The sample sets made in two forms.
1. Wet version (stereo recording space of the church)
2. Surround version (3 pairs of stereo recording up close (near) and at a distance (far) and in the background (rear).

Audio demos , More audio demos
and more audio demos

More information

The following friends helped me to make and publish the sample set (in alphabetical order): Dominique Dantand, Gérard Lefranc, Nagy István, and Adrian Wheal. If something's done well, it's thanks to them. Thank you for their work
Best regards, Augustine
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