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New Large Spanish Cathedral Organ Sample Set Coming Soon

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New Large Spanish Cathedral Organ Sample Set Coming Soon

Postby Discipulus.veritatis » Sun May 12, 2019 4:49 pm

Organa Reginae Caeli is pleased to provide the hauptwerk community with a new composite organ that is based on that of the Cathedral fo Santiago de Compostela, with almost identical stoplist and founded upon the sample sets of Sonus Paradisi. The goal was to provide a similiar disposition and sound, but of course this cannot be fully realized with my limited abilities and resources, but I hope you may enjoy it as it is, it does pack quite a tutti!
The Composite organ will be available soon on the website, once all of the finishing touches are completed.

Some sample recordings will be made available on the contrebombarde website, links are below -

- Improvisation displaying capabilities of organ, from soft to tutti (
- 6 Piezas o Sonatas sueltas para órgano - Sonata I (Lidón, José)
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