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New: Flentrop organ Schiedam the Netherlands

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New: Flentrop organ Schiedam the Netherlands

PostMon Sep 07, 2020 3:21 am

It is with great pleasure that we can announce to the Hauptwerk community, the completion of our new sampleset of the Flentrop organ (1971) of the "Grote of Sint-Janskerk" of Schiedam (the Netherlands).


In 1971 Flentrop Orgelbouw B.V. in Zaandam was given the order to build a new organ in the old Niehoff case (16th century) and the pedal cases of Jacob Cools (1712), in which Standaart built a pneumatic organ in 1919.
The instrument was delivered in 1975.
The organ has 39 voices divided over 3 keyboards and pedal.
The character of the sound corresponds as much as possible with the old-Dutch tradition however the Neo Baroque influences are also still present so this instrument sounds very convincing when playing Bach and contemporaries as well.
In 2010 the organ got more 'fundament' when Van den Heuvel added a wooden Prestant 16 and a Roerquint 12 and in 2012 this reached its 'climax' when Van den Heuvel added a Fagot 32.
In order to make the organ even more versatile for the music of the French Romantic genre, ideas were made some years ago to expand the organ with a 4th manual as a Récit Expressif.
As there has not (yet) been enough resources, this addition has not been realised yet however Sygsoft has added this Récit virtually for Hauptwerk, by using Symphonic samples of another sampleset. This way you can imagine how it might have sounded or might start to sound in the future.
This Récit contains 12 stops of which 7 are extended in the bass as well as in the treble creating 16/8/4 and 8/4/2 stops which creates enormous possibilities.
As a matter of fact you can play all styles and genres on this sampleset.

Of course this sampleset also uses our unique '3 channel' slider technology which give the user the possibility of playing the organ at the perspective he likes the most.
The front samples are very direct and as the organcase (esp. the Pedal) is very wide you hear a great 'left-right' effect as one would hear at the real organconsole.

Tremulants have been recorded as they are in reality however the user can choose per stop if he wants the original tremulant or the artificial version which can be adjusted.

The church acoustics is very warm and the rear channel contains up to 7 seconds of reverb.

Listen to the demo's on our website:

For more info about the organ, see:

We wish you a lot of playing and listening pleasure.

Yours, The Sygsoft team the Netherlands

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