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St-Etienne Caen Extension on a 3-manual console

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St-Etienne Caen Extension on a 3-manual console

PostThu Dec 03, 2020 7:42 pm

We (my church) are considering implementing the Sonus Paradisi Caen sample set, with the jake / subbas32 4-manual extension, on a 3-manual console, probably with Salisbury and Pasadena Presbyterian. To simplify things for those who will play this instrument, but who are not super-familiar with organ subtleties, we are thinking that the default manual assignments for Caen Extended will be

1: Positif Expressif
2. Grand Orgue / Grand Choeur
3. Recit Expressif

The other 2 sample sets have divisions (Solo, Echo) that will be implemented as floating. However, it does not seem to make sense, or maybe even be possible, to make the Caen Extended Grand Choeur floating, since it is designed and set up, coupler-wise, to be manual 1. Hence the compromise above, making it share manual 2 with the Grand Orgue.

I'm assuming that, when the Great / Choir Transfer is engaged, the manual assignments would become

1. Grand Orgue / Grand Choeur
2. Positif Expressif
3. Recit Expressif

But, if there is a need to play the Grand Choeur division against the all the other manual divisions combined (GO + Pos + Rec), what's the best manual assignment scheme to accomplish that? Is there perhaps some kind of Unison Off in Caen Extended that would allow something like this?

1. Positif Expressif (Unison Off) / Grand Choeur
2. Grand Orgue
3. Recit Expressif



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Re: St-Etienne Caen Extension on a 3-manual console

PostThu Dec 03, 2020 9:44 pm

You can use floating divisions to assign any manual by itself to any keyboard. Just set it up so that only the Grand Choeur is on the manual you desire, and no other manual.

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