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sound Hinz vol 2 + 3 comparing vol 1

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Re: sound Hinz vol 2 + 3 comparing vol 1

PostMon Dec 27, 2010 11:40 am

Eric Sagmuller wrote:Probably my next set will be the Velesovo as it's a very articulate set for Bach, etc., a nice change from the Hinsz. Funny though, after playing going from the Hinsz I prefer the change for a little while, but then find myself coming back the the Hinsz, and it sounds even better for awhile with the added reverb. Then after awhile I find I like the more articulate Velesovo sound for a time again, and that's just the demo, can hardly wait to get the full set. That's what's so nice about HW, so much flexibility.

I know the feeling :) I think the trick is to remember that you don't need to pick a favourite sample that you like above all else; just play one that suits the mood you are in and enjoy it, knowing that the others are equally nice and just a few clicks away...
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Re: sound Hinz vol 2 + 3 comparing vol 1

PostMon Dec 27, 2010 12:36 pm

That's the beauty of our virtual world... change sample sets to fit the piece, our mood of the moment.

In no time we can go from a large cathedral to an intimate chappel, from the 21st century to the 16th. Now, I'm taking the time to switch instruments within a practice session. Since I began my organ lessons, not only am I using the right instrument and temperament for the piece I learn, but try to learn as must about the style of playing used during that time (touch, registration etc).

Each virtual instrument has its own personality... the Hinsz with his large acoustic makes you sound better than you are; when my teacher forced me to used the Trost (rather dry)... it wasn't nice at first :wink: ... defaults hidden by the reverberation of the Hinsz were directly in your face with the Trost... but I improved and now, when I play the same pieces on the Velesovo or the Hinsz, it sounds even better than before I practice on a dryer organ.

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