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Viscount classical-style electronic organ available

Hauptwerk and sample sets *not* permitted. Audio and MIDI hardware for use with Hauptwerk, organ consoles, parts, computer equipment.

Viscount classical-style electronic organ available

Postby kaspencer » Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:09 am

*********************** CLASSICAL STYLE ELECTRONIC ORGAN AVAILABLE *************************

I have been asked to post details of a Viscount classical style electronic organ which is available to any interested parties.

The organ is located in a church in West Wiltshire.

The organ is a two manual + pedals electronic instrument, manufactured by Viscount. It's age is indeterminate but it is at least 20 years old, probably more.
The pedalboard is 30-note, planar but radiating (but appears parallel in the image).

The instrument has 22 speaking stops, three divisions, tremulant on both manual divisions, and three couplers.
The stop controls are lighted rocker-style switches. They are not electro-magnetically controlled.

Manual I (Great):
Bourdon 16' Prinzipal 8' Flote 8' Oktave 4'
Flote 4' Oktave 2' Mixtur III
Trompette 8'
Manual II (Swell):
Bourdon 8' Salzional 8' Oktave 4'
Flote 4' Nasard 2 2/3' Tertz 1 3/5' Zimbel III
Oboe 8' Vox Celeste 8'
Subbass 16' Prinzipal 8' Bourdon 8'
Oktave 4' Trompette 8'
Coupling: I > P II > P II > I
Manual II volume (rotary) Reverberation (Delay & Volume) Transpose
Overall Volume (pedal)
Connections: 'Phones (1/4") MIDI IN (Din-5) MIDI OUT (Din-5)

The organ is in good physical condition, but has a significant number of faults in its electronics. Most of the faults are due to worn parts and controls.

Pedalboard: There are a small number of pedal keys which do not speak, or which speak intermittently.
Controls: All controls are worn. Thus, the pedal operated volume control, as well and the Manual II Volume (Rotary) and Reverberation/Delay control, have dirty or worn potentiometer tracks which make the volume intermittently variable or occasionally silent.
MIDI: MIDI IN and MIDI OUT are present but untested. Furthermore, the MIDI Implementation details are not available, so it is not known whether the stop switches accept MIDI control, nor whether the stop control lights are MIDI controllable.
It is possible that the console could be used as a Hauptwerk two-manual MIDI console, but this is untested.

In the first instance you may contact me, Kenneth Spencer, via kas at kaspencer dot com if you wish to express an interest. Please indicate whether or not you may make a payment for the organ, and if so indicate a possible range of the payment. I will then pass your details on.

Kenneth A Spencer
Kenneth Spencer
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