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What to do with my organ system and music libraries?

Hauptwerk and sample sets *not* permitted. Audio and MIDI hardware for use with Hauptwerk, organ consoles, parts, computer equipment.
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What to do with my organ system and music libraries?

PostSat Jul 29, 2023 3:21 pm

Pipe Organ Console and Audio System and MUSIC Library

I have worked on this console and various Hauptwerk CODM projects since HW Rev 1.
Its parts were assembled from church organs that I removed, other purchased items, and homebuilt stuff.
It is probably best described as a hobbyist's organ. Everything works but it is homemade. The hardware is pretty stable. Windows and its sub-systems are less stable. Windows is best left on and never changed (updates, audio stack, touch-screens, HW, etc. all can change if the HW is turned off for awhile).

If I downsize in the next few years the organ and my immense music score and book collection will have to go. The music library could keep someone occupied for years reading and playing.
However, I will keep my touch-screens and HW license to make another very small organ..

I am interested in what the HW community thinks I should do. Things I thought of are:
1) Donate to a music school with an organ program (any prospects?)
2) Sell as a complete working system and library
3) Part it out
4) Scrap the organ
5) Donate music and books to library book sales

[b]Photos of the various components are on my Drive at: ... drive_link[/b]

The organ's various parts are listed below for your enjoyment:

5 Allen Keyboards
each with 25 pistons (wired individually)
each keyboard wired as 8x8 matrix
Magnetic reed switch activated (home built)

Allen Pedalboard
Wired individually
Magnetic reed switch activated

16 Allen Toe Studs (not mounted)

5 Swell pedals (varied potentiometers and travels, could use some work)

[b]MIDI-Hardware electronics[/b]
Handles all 6 keyboards and pistons

Rolling platform made from swell shades with steel frame and heavy-duty wheels
Solid Oak counter
Steel framed table
Oak Fixtures that can support either Touchscreens or Launchpads
Under counter light
Adjustable transparent music rack
Can be taken apart for transport
Bench with storage (another trestle bench is also available)

M-Audio 410 audio interface w PC fire-wire adaptor (works best with Win 7 or prior)
Arturia MiniFuse 4 Audio Interface w 16' MIDI and USB cables (NEW)
5 Audio amplifiers (home stereo type)
2 Powered Subwoofers
Powered Low-pass filters
13 Speakers (Klipsh, Pioneer, LXI, etc) (shown with panels off, they just clip back on if desired)
Infinite baffle speakers in wall mounted cabinet (two big Allen Gyro speakers)
A few spare 12" speakers (removed from Allen Gyro speakers)

i7-3930k (liquid cooled)
52 GB memory
Rampage IV extreme MB
GPU Radeon RX 590 (high-end graphic card, much more than needed for HW)
Runs very large organs without problems
No HD included, may include SSD with Windows 10 Pro license

[b]MUSIC and BOOKS[/b]
See the photos for these items (Shelves are double stacked so pictures may only show half. Also some other book boxes are in hidden storage)

~ 1400 pieces of music, scores, piano, organ, vocal, fakebooks, etc
~ 500 pipe organ CDs
~ 400 pipe organ LPs
~ 1000 music books, some general, many unusual.

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