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Expression Pedal Options

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Expression Pedal Options

Postby George Langley » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:57 am

Hi all. Am hoping that we can compile an up-to-date list of options on how to add an expression pedal to a DIY organ.
So far, there seem to be three ways to go:

1) Organ Part Suppliers (and a suitable MIDI encoder):
Fatar FP/70

2) Keyboard Expression Pedals (and a suitable MIDI encoder):
(Not sure if all of these are viable, or would need modifications)
Doepfer FP5
Korg EXP-2
Yamaha FC7
Boss EV-30

3) MIDI Controllers:
Behringer FCB1010

Two other options:
Cannibalizing an old organ; or
Building your own with a 10K linear potentiometer

MIDI Encoders
MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller (for a keyboard expression pedal)
R. Sowa MIDI-Hardware PEDSCAN or POT12 (and a master controller)
DTS MIDI Systems SSC-1
Or any of the others listed at the MIDI Hardware page.

Please add any others, or let us know if any of the above will not work. Thanks.
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