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Behringer 2031A Power on or Standby

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Behringer 2031A Power on or Standby

PostSat Mar 02, 2019 3:00 pm

Question to all of you who have the Behringer 2031A speakers out there. After install do you leave them to on or standby to conserve power.

The sound guy talked me into have them on standby, and now if you are playing a soft prelude, etc. with very few stops or a solo with the antiphonal speakers, there is obviously not enough of a threshold to wake them up. He is coming back to switch them to ON, as they are 30 feet off the floor, but curious how those of you who have installed them, and some of you many of them handle the power issue for these.


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Re: Behringer 2031A Power on or Standby

PostSun Mar 03, 2019 10:20 pm

Mine are on 6 different circuit breakers so I turn them on/off from there and leave the Behringer’s switch to “ON”.
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Re: Behringer 2031A Power on or Standby

PostSun Mar 03, 2019 11:06 pm

Mine are all turned "on" and connected to a single remote switch. I also have a pair of 2031A monitors about 25' back from the console, high up which act as my En Chamade. These are on "standby" mode and they come on instantaneously when the solo Tuba or Trumpet is called upon. There is no delay for the initial note as they sound as if they too have been on from the beginning. I'm impressed with this split-second, instant on feature. I'm using 50' quality TRS cables. Not sure why yours behave differently.

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Re: Behringer 2031A Power on or Standby

PostMon Mar 04, 2019 10:31 am

Behringer's auto-on feature works poorly with all but the largest signals and is useless in my opinion.

Check out the Teensy Encoder project at:


This encoder can activate relays for the Behringer's power when Hauptwerk sends the Organ Ready signal.

I'm currently using a Raspberry Pi wireless connection to a Furman power conditioner which has been modified to include a Pi Zero W ($10) driving four relays. The relays can be controlled individually or in a sequence from another Raspberry Pi or other computer.

I use a 40A solid state relay (SSR) sold by Sparkfun (again $10) that can be activated by a wide range of DC voltages from 3 to 32v. It goes without saying that any power relays are installed in electrical enclosures and wired safely and in compliance with any electrical codes. It's good to mount the SSRs to a metal surface or even a proper heat sink if operating above just an amp or two.

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