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Another Newbie needs help

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Re: Another Newbie needs help

PostWed Oct 16, 2019 4:08 pm

As mentioned above, what you are looking for is not the load organ command but the install organ command in the File menu. That will take you to a window where you can locate the Metz rar files. I don't know how many of these files there are for this organ but they are numbered usually in sequence. Choose one rar file at a time until they are all installed. The next step is the Load Organ process where you can choose from different options such as sample rate, front and back samples, etc. As it says on page 37 of the user guide use default options if you have enough memory to accomodate the best choices. I would suggest calling Monsieur Ratté in Canada if you are hesitant to deal with these things. He can enter your computer online and perform the manipulations before your very eyes. Magic!

Eventually it should all work out just fine, and from then on you can play to your heart's content!

Keep us posted on your progress.


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