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PostSun Aug 28, 2011 3:11 pm

For some reason I thought there was a separate thread about the Lavender Hereford set, can't find it...

I used the licensed Mini set for evensong at church this evening with semi-dry release truncation (2s). I had to voice up the swell quite significantly, and run the whole thing at 0db (compared with -11db for Haverhill); I'm sure that's an irrelevance, but it was definitely necessary, even with the small congregation we had tonight (11!).

I would say that for general church use the mini's probably a bit too subtle, but I would imagine the bigger sets will work well, provided releases are truncated; diapason/principal chorus no. 2 is not quite edgy enough to really drag a congregation along. Also, with semi-dry, it's still quite wet; I'll try again with a drier setting.

Obviously it's not designed for church use; the mini alone is a lovely home practise instrument, I'm looking forward to getting my fingers on the bigger sets to play with at home.

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