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Resonance modelling

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Re: Resonance modelling

PostMon Dec 05, 2022 4:27 pm

The assumption seems to be that if the resonance excited by each individual pipe were added (mixed) together then the result would be the same as the resonance excited by all the pipes played at the same time. I am not at all convinced that this is true. Pipes not only set up resonances. They pull the pitch of surrounding pipes to varying degrees. The phase relationships between pipes will not remain fixed both because of the pitch pulling as well as the fact that the phase relationship of any two pipes will not be the same each time they are played. Sometimes they will increase the resonance. Other times there will be cancellations.

I remain unconvinced that the resonance effect is that large to begin with, and I positively reject oversimplification of the physics involved. I do agree that less noise reduction is better when feasible. The sampled resonance may not be so realistic in the final mix though some resonance is better than none. Or does a lot of pitch pulling and phase alignment potentially take place on large registrations? I don't claim to know, but investigation would be feasible. Is there much tone related resonance within a windchest?
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Re: Resonance modelling

PostMon Dec 05, 2022 4:30 pm

Looking forward to that! We're in agreement. I'm only quibbling over an earlier assumption that a nonlinear model is required. (Answering giwro's last)



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Re: Resonance modelling

PostMon Dec 05, 2022 8:38 pm

To add to John's comment: the only real way to implement some of this is to sample groups as well as individual pipes. Where to start and where to stop then becomes the problem. Eventually, we may be able to sample every chord with every stop combination and have instant playback of it. Hopefully, the sampling robots will be up to the job!

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