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Second Stop Labelling Project Booklet available ...

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Second Stop Labelling Project Booklet available ...

PostSun Mar 21, 2021 5:17 am

Good morning.
If you saw my post of 28th February, you'll know that I promised to release details of a second "Electronic Stop Labelling Project" for Hauptwerk Users.
Well that project is now ready for circulation.
By way of introduction: If you have quite few sample sets (I have 40-50) there's a problem providing suitable labelling for your drawstops or iluminated stop switches. OK you can have a touch screen - I've had those! You can have LaunchPads - I've had those two. I've also had printed card labels which slide in beside the stop controls. None of these options quite cut it! Touchscreens are error prone, the launchpads have to have their labels attached. Etc etc ...
OK - well try this:
You can build this project: Up to 60 stop can be labelled per stop jamb, using electronic labels which within less than a second of the loading of the largest virtual organ sample set, display the stop name clearly and reliably. Other information about the organ and divisions can also be displayed.
PCBs soldered with OLED sockets and connectors will be available on demand, as well as laser cut black acrylic stop jamb plates.
Email for details of the Project 2 Booklet - NO personal messages please!
Kenneth Spencer
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