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Musical therapy

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Musical therapy

PostSun May 09, 2021 6:16 pm

Prior to Covid I had a 2 manual (portable) HW console that I used to "entertain" residents of some nursing homes..It was an enriching experience for me and hopefully for those of the audience. In every case, I was asked to come back. I found the Paramount 310 to be the most all around useful sample set. In line with the therapy aspect, you could feel how the music got into these folks. Playing familiar "oldies" seemed to reach them. When they started clapping in time with the beat you could tell this was good.

The MIDI Association just conducted a webinar with several experts relating the scientific proof of how music is a therapeutic aid esp for sick children. They are promoting this with the backing of some big musical manufacturers where for every dollar contributed by individuals, these sponsoring industries will increase that by $11.

In it's simplest form, a single USB keyboard into a laptop driving a couple powered speakers will work. You can (with certain encoders) split the keyboard (in half) having in effect a two keyboard instrument. If the laptop doesn't have a touch screen, add a LaunchPad. Maybe a small repurposed pedalboard such as:


With an expression pedal, right? The Paramount 310 requires very few resources. Does that give some ideas??? Hope so, and it's a lot of fun esp seeing those appreciative smiling faces. :) 8)


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