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Upgrading / servicing Hauptwerk

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Upgrading / servicing Hauptwerk

PostWed Jun 16, 2021 9:49 am

Awhile ago I made a suggestion of establishing a network of HW knowledgeable persons willing to do the above. Rightly so, the idea never went anywhere. This for many reasons. Recently, I got a request to help someone fix a non operating HW organ. What I found out was this request would require on-site work plus travel time. (some 250 miles one way). This contact person had no tech skills as well this church didn't have Internet access. Long story short, after some small discussion, found their total budget amounted to $200. :shock: This wouldn't even ever cover my travel time and expenses so I declined. A realistic altho not popular approach.

I mentioned in another thread about my neighbor's transmission experience. The service shop just disconnected the faulty transmission and replaced it with a transmission repaired and serviced in a foreign country. Broken transmissions are sent in bulk to foreign countries where labor costs are much cheaper. There a person is trained tl overhaul a specific model which they do day after day. And they become very good at it. This "method" gives them a pay check and us a reasonable costing end result. Seems like everyone wins. Unfortunately, such wouldn't work with Hauptwerk.


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