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Scoped reversibles

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Scoped reversibles

PostThu Jan 05, 2023 7:48 am

I submitted this as a suggestion, but wanted to see if anybody has comments about how it should work.

I'd like to be able set the maximum scope/range of a reversible piston so that it's easier to set its combination quickly between movements. (When Scope is on, Setter and press the reversible sets its scope instead of its combination, like v7 Scoped pistons do now.)

To set a reversible now, I have to cancel all stops and manually turn off the organ's ventils and motor switches before setting the combination so the reversible won't unintentionally affect any extra controls. Samplesets differ on which types of switches are affected by reversibles, so it's best to exclude them.

Also, scoping would allow some reversibles to only affect a division or just the division's chorus reeds, without having to cancel everything else to set the combination. That would make reversibles as powerful as the combinations (Anches ventils) on a 19th French organ.

Thank you.

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