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Closing the Swell Quickly

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Closing the Swell Quickly

PostSat Jan 28, 2023 7:47 am

Sorry if this has already been mentioned - I’ve had a look but can’t find:

Does HW provide the facility in the ODF for wet sample sets to avoid the unrealistic effect of closing the swell box quickly during sustained notes? Given that HW can already respond to “quick” swell movements (e.g. the faint whoosh sound of swell shutters in the Voxus Essen) I wonder if a blended activation of long release samples at decreased / decreasing volume might produce a reasonably realistic result. The effect of quickly reducing a crescendo pedal sounds perfectly realistic due to the release samples being activated.

(I’m also aware that quick swell closure sounds fine when using IR reverb)



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Re: Closing the Swell Quickly

PostSat Jan 28, 2023 8:20 am

Hello Andy,

An ODF can implement an inertia model (or similar means) between the virtual swell pedal and the virtual swell shutters, specifically to help reduce the unrealistic nature of dynamically changing effects (especially if rapidly changing) being applied to wet samples (attack/sustain phase as well as the releases), but that's the main inherent comprise of wet samples, compared to dry. (The same compromise applies to modelled tremulants, modelled wind fluctuations, etc..) St. Anne's has such an inertia model for that reason, for example. (There are no other mechanisms in Hauptwerk to try to work around it.)
Best regards, Martin.
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