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KickStarter Project

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2023 10:58 am
by Vagabond
The Hiker Organ
Project of the Association "The Eye of the Ear" (France)

It is not difficult to imagine the surprise and happiness experienced by the spectators of Le Chazelet on July 9, 2022 at the first notes of the Organ.
Roger Canac's sentence then took on its full meaning:
"La Meije is a Cathedral"

And this collective satisfaction gave rise to the idea of developing this initiative of open-air organ concerts, and free of charge, in other places in the mountains.
and on other occasions:
L'Orgue Randonneur was born! (Hiker Organ or Backpacker Organ...))

It is therefore a transportable organ, based on the Hauptwerk System (the pipes cannot withstand these mountain climatic conditions),
a suitable sound diffusion device (including to operate on solar batteries), and a video streaming device.

Since this project started, the reception in the various big Mountain sites has been very benevolent and we already think we will be able to organize more than ten concerts next summer.
Likewise the reception of different organists, classical, jazz or contemporary,
who believe that it is important to take the organ outside and make it known to as many people as possible.

Hence this decision to no longer rent the organ, nor the streaming system, but to completely adapt one to our needs, related to transport, climate, and adaptability to different organists...
The same goes for part of the Sound System.
Hence this Crowdfunding approach.

What do we offer in exchange for your donation, other than that it will be tax deductible? (If possible in your country)
Participate in a culturally ambitious project
See in live streaming all the concerts of this organ
Review these concerts, augmented with a technical description
and detailed, from the Organists, their choice of repertoire,
and their picks for the Hauptwerk part
Be proactive for possible concerts in your region,
in the middle of the forest, on the edge of a river...

Thanks in advance for participate to Kickstarter project (Soon...)