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Hauptwerk & Midi Hardware Connectivity

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Hauptwerk & Midi Hardware Connectivity

PostSun Feb 12, 2023 2:16 pm

HELP !!!!
I would like to have a midi organ (Hauptwerk compatibile) for my use.
I have (I believe) researched the vast majority of the resources available for midi organ components or finished Hauptwerk instruments.
To the end that I cannot financially support a 3 manual, 30/32 pedalboard, yet to be determined pistons and yet to be determined expression pedal finished instrument, I have now seriously considered acquiring the component parts and assemble together for a custom instruments.
I further believe that I have located the majority of the vendors providing parts.
I however, am not fluent in midi electronic requirements or connectivity.
QUESTION: Is there (to anyone's knowledge) resources (of any nature) available that could support/assist a novice in guiding them through the assemble process utilizing component parts and point them to vendors that can provide manuals, pedalboards, bench, etc.? I have inquired with the limited mainstream hardware vendors in the US however, do not want to forego an small vendor.
Thank you for your time and efforts on this request. Regards, jff



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Re: Hauptwerk & Midi Hardware Connectivity

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Re: Hauptwerk & Midi Hardware Connectivity

PostTue Feb 14, 2023 12:45 am

Perhaps you can be more specific in the direction you want to take and where you are located. There are firms that build custom MIDI instruments like, others where you can a-la-cart the components you want, maybe start small (single keyboard and pedalboard) then build up to a console (Classic Midiworks in Canada). There are conversion specialist who take older consoles and midi-fy them in a professional manner that so they appear to have been designed that way originally (, The least expensive approach for non-technical folks has been taking USB powered MIDI controllers like the M-Audio Keystation or Behringer UMX610 to use as manuals. A used AGO spec pedalboard by itself is usually a challenge to find and you sill have to add MIDI components. So you'd have the 3 main hardware components of a simple practice instrument. Oh yea, IKEA use to make a height adjustable table called the Galant. Their mid-sized version was 61" wide so it became very popular for DIY Hauptwerkers!

Here is a nice video of some doing just what described using MIDI controllers and midi-fying a pipe organ pedalboard.

Danny B.

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