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Both Dongles

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Retired Steve


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Both Dongles

PostFri Nov 03, 2023 12:07 pm

Building new (old) VPO console with brand new compute. Do I need BOTH the old dongle and iLock dongle for the transition?



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Re: Both Dongles

PostFri Nov 03, 2023 12:26 pm

If you're going to upgrade from Hauptwerk 4 to 8 (or to 5, 6, or 7 if you had bought an earlier upgrade and not applied it yet), you'll need the old dongle and HASP drivers right after installing the new Hauptwerk version in order to migrate licenses from the old dongle to iLok. After that, the old dongle is useless. Please read the upgrade section of the HW Installation and User Guide before you start.

If you'r already on HW 5+ and have done the license migration, then you no longer need the old dongle.
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Re: Both Dongles

PostFri Nov 03, 2023 12:33 pm

Hello Steve,

If your current licence is for Hauptwerk v2, v3 or v4 (not v5+), and if you were planing to upgrade to the current version of Hauptwerk (v8) for your new computer, then you would need the v2-v4 dongle (Hauptwerk USB Key) briefly as part of the upgrading process, for the purpose of migrating any sample set licences contained in the v2-v4 dongle to the iLok system, which Hauptwerk v5 and later uses for licensing. The v2-v4 dongle would never be needed again after that.

However, based on a quick look in PACE's system, it appears that you already have a licence for the Hauptwerk v6 Advanced Edition, with that v6 licence, as well as your sample sets, already on an iLok dongle? In that case, if you want to upgrade to v8 then there would be need for a new dongle, or for the v2-v4 dongle -- you would simply upgrade the Hauptwerk v6 licence to v8 that's in your existing iLok dongle.

Or if you don't plan to upgrade to v8, and instead just want to move your existing v6 installation to your new computer, then there's no need for a new dongle in that case either (or for your old v2-v4 dongle). The licences (v6 and sample sets) are contained in the iLok dongle, so you would just need to install its driver on your new computer, attach the dongle to it, and install v6 on it. (If you wanted to install v6, you would need to have a saved copy of the v6 software, though, since it's no longer available.)

[Edit: P.S. I see Mark and I replied at the same time. Mark managed to put it more concisely!]
Best regards, Martin.
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