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Sample sets- Size of the screens

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Re: Sample sets- Size of the screens

PostSat Mar 09, 2024 2:37 pm

Hello Mark,

mnailor wrote:1. With Zoom checked, the image always fits within the HW console window, but leaves black margins at top and bottom and both sides except for a few portrait images. So there might be some room to grow the landscape images a bit until the top/bottom margins are consumed.

The thin black borders on the nearest-fit dimension (e.g. top and bottom, in the case of my St. Anne's screenshot) are intentional (to keep the virtual console separated clearly visually from the control panels, etc.), but deliberately small, so as to avoid wasting screen space.

mnailor wrote:2. With Zoom unchecked, the behavior varies by organ. I guess there's something about the image files or ODF that triggers the weirdness.

2.A These organs' images are zoomed in huge (yes, with Zoom unchecked), only a small part of the image fits in the HW console window, and there are scrollbars, usually both horizontal and vertical but a couple only have a vertical scrollbar:

SP Adlington
SP Dom Bedos
PG Dusseldorf
EV Johnson
EV IPLA Skinner
EV Northrop
PG Nancy
AA Peterborough

2.B. These organs' images fit in the HW console window and don't have scrollbars. Some are slightly larger than the zoomed image, but most are smaller:

LA Armley
SP Caen
SP Freiberg
PL Schiedam
LA Herford
MDA Metz
MDA Salisbury
MDA St. Anne's

If "Zoom virtual console to fit" isn't ticked, Hauptwerk simply displays them at the pixel sizes that the sample set producer specified. Some producers include very large/hi-res images (especially recently), but some don't (e.g. St. Anne's). Hence it depends on the size of the sample set's images and your monitor's resolution in that case.

It's intended that "Zoom virtual console to fit" would normally be kept ticked (and the option to turn it off was retained mainly for backward compatibility with Hauptwerk v2/v3, i.e. for historical reasons).

bourdon wrote:I understand of course that if you can only stretch the picture on one dimension ( vertical or horizontal), the picture will be a little disproportionned , but it is better than nothing .

I think we probably wouldn't want to add an option for zooming that distorted the aspect ratio; I know some sample set producers wouldn't be happy with that.

bourdon wrote:- To put all this matter in an other way : the question gets down to : why does Hauptwerk don't allow to modify ( by stretching in either side ) the pictures of the stops-pannels , or of the consoles ?? ( --> for instance, if you look at the console of Weissenau, on which you can pull the tiny stops, the labels are very small and can't realy be read. But there is a lot of "lost space" around the picture of the keabords and of the stops. So, if you could expand this picture in order to have only the keyboards and stops remaining on the screen, then the stop-abels would become more readable, and so, the purpose achieved !

I could potentially log as an enhancement request that (in non-"Zoom virtual console to fit" mode) the user could specify the zoom ratio (with the same ratio being used horizontally and vertically, so as to preserve aspect ratio). Would you like me to do that? If zoomed to a size other than (approximately) the one that "Zoom virtual console to fit" would use, you would of course, inevitably end up needing to scroll in at least one dimension, since "Zoom virtual console to fit" already picks the optimum zoom level.

Note also that some sample sets do have multiple virtual console layouts, e.g. one laid out for 4:3 landscape format, and another for 16:9 landscape format. In that case, if "Zoom virtual console to fit" is ticked then Hauptwerk will automatically select the one that best fits the aspect ratio of the screen area available (determined by the Hauptwerk window size, and any control panels and piston toolbars that you may have docked around its edges).
Best regards, Martin.
Hauptwerk software designer/developer, Milan Digital Audio.



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Re: Sample sets- Size of the screens

PostSat Mar 09, 2024 2:52 pm

(Just realized I missed Martin's post above before typing this one. Thanks!)

I'm not arguing against what Bourdon wants, but for me, a way to fit only the organ's image maximally on the full screen *without* changing its geometry would be good.

That would mean having an option to make the Hauptwerk menu bar, any docked control panel rows, the organ tabs row (has combs01 on left), and the bottom status bar all go away, so as much space as possible is available for the image. And fit the image without leaving margins on all four sides. That means there will almost always be two margins to preserve shape, but not four margins as it currently has when Zoomed to fit the console window.

Used with Full screen and Zoom to fit, I think that would get the most out of the monitor's screen space without distorting the images, which sampleset producers might find objectionable, and rightly so.

For Windows, I assume the top bar with the minimize and exit X icons can't be suppressed, so there will always be a bit of wasted space vertically. EDIT. Nope, that top bar goes away in full screen already!
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Re: Sample sets- Size of the screens

PostSat Mar 09, 2024 3:16 pm

Thanks, Mark. I've added your additional notes to the previous enhancement request (covering a 'fuller' full-screen mode).
Best regards, Martin.
Hauptwerk software designer/developer, Milan Digital Audio.

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