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The Throop Institute March - 50 Years as Caltech Organist

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The Throop Institute March - 50 Years as Caltech Organist

PostWed Jun 05, 2024 10:26 am

This month, I am celebrating my 50th anniversary as Organist for the California Institute of Technology - usually referred to as "Caltech Organist." I am not as old as you may think, because I began this position when I was a teenager and an undergraduate at Caltech.

As Caltech Organist, I have played at, and arranged, the music for commencement ceremonies as well as inaugurations for Caltech's presidents. We use organ, a large brass ensemble, percussion, and choir at these ceremonies. You can find archived recordings at Caltech's web site.

I typically play a 45 minute mini recital before each ceremony. For about 40 years, I have played the same piece as a postlude after the academic recession. This piece is "The Throop Institute March." "Throop Institute" was the original name for Caltech. This piece was written in 1900 by E. C. Kammermeyer for the Institute's mandolin club. I have improvised organ renditions of this from the original sheet music.

For my 50th anniversary, I decided to actually create an organ arrangement. I have made this available for free my web site at

There is also a recording of me playing this on a Hauptwerk organ as a reference.

Feel free to download the sheet music and play it at your leisure!




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Re: The Throop Institute March - 50 Years as Caltech Organis

PostWed Jun 05, 2024 2:35 pm

It's very beautiful and nice music. The transcription for organ is also done very well.

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