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V loves iLOK

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:08 pm
by M. Qualley
The release of Hauptwerk V is not only bringing you improved software it is also improving the way we do business and service our customers.

Some of you have been wondering about the new licensing platform. Yes! Hauptwerk V will be using the iLOK key. You can choose to use cloud-based licensing without a key (must be connected to the internet) or you can use a physical iLok key which let's you be 'offline' while you play. And if you can't can use both. Isn't it fun to have choices! If you choose to use the key you will need to supply an iLok key Generation 2 or 3. You will be able to manage your account through the iLOK license manager, where your software and licenses will automatically be uploaded to your iLok account.

NO MORE WAITING TO UPDATE YOUR DONGLE! Can we get a HURRAY! I know we are jumping for joy!!!

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