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Download Links - Hauptwerk V and MDA Instruments

PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:32 pm
by B. Milan
Dear all,

We have addressed the download issues that were experienced with Hauptwerk V and network failure errors. Please fill out the download form again and the link in your new download email should now work properly.

Similarly we will be updating the MDA instrument links which did work initially but now seem to offer some XML errors on the Amazon server. We will also offer a PDF here with all of the version 5 updated organ links so that Hauptwerk V users can begin downloading them.

We apologize for the teething issues with the new site, unfortunately it is difficult to fully test certain items until we get everything live into the field! But we have been on it and and are striving to make sure that everything is as smooth as possible. There are still a few more fixes to be done and we are aware of the other items mentioned in the errors posting here: ... 05623d8345 that will be addressed very soon also.

Thank you for your patience!!