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Website Issues and Licensing Current Status

PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:22 pm
by B. Milan
Fellow Hauptwerkians,

Firstly a big thank you to everyone for their support and comments over the new release of Hauptwerk V! We are beyond thrilled to have finally gotten this new version out to everyone! It took a while due to many circumstances, some of which were beyond our control and others due to our passion for getting the software just right. Being a smaller company we sometimes have to take more time to get things out we thank you fro the bottom of our hearts for your patience.

That said I know there have been some issues with the new release with regards to website problems, licensing questions and v4-v5 migrations etc. There will be a learning curve involved for everyone (including us here at MDA) with all of the new changes. I can assure you that we have your concerns at the forefront so that you can ultimately have a better user experience with easier to use software and licensing. Right now things are a bit difficult partly due to the new software and learning how to use the new licensing methods, and also due to some issues from our end. I would like to formally apologize for these issues. I can assure you we are working to correct them as the highest priority, some of them are not so easy for an overnight fix.

Today the license migration server went belly up for reasons unknown, we are working on it. If you submitted a V5 migration file today (12/17/2019) you would not have gotten the automatic license updates into your iLok account. Please contact us at and attach the migration file along with the license of organs you are migrating then we can manually add the licenses for you into your iLok account (please include your iLok user ID as well)..

There are also some issues with our V5 instrument installers which we are working on correcting as well. I will post an update on the related thread once those updates are ready to download again.

Next, I realize that we have been fairly absent from the forum for some time. Michelle previously mentioned that we needed to pull our head programmer Martin from offering support here so we could focus 100% on getting Hauptwerk V released. This was a decision I made so that we would get new software released which I believe was of the utmost importance.I know most of you appreciate when Martin is around and offering his vast knowledge of Hauptwerk, computers and MIDI interfacing. Luckily we have a forum with plenty of knowledgeable users so I feel we were still in good hands despite our absence. Thank you to everyone here that offers helpful advice and support to new and/or existing Hauptwerk customers!!

We are beefing up our staff so that we can better serve you, we have more programmers/web developers, support staff (see separate post about this soon!) and a director of business relations and marketing (you may know her as Michelle!). I want to assure everyone that we are 100% committed to Hauptwerk and are here for the long haul and will continue to strive to make everything right despite the new teething issues we are currently having. Once all is fine tuned and the learning curve is behind us we are confident that you will have a much easier time to learn all of the new procedures and software settings and that you will agree that it is for the better and that your experience will be much more enjoyable.

Lastly, please note we are currently overwhelmed with the amount of upgrades and emails coming in. Due to this we may take longer to reply to your emails (again I apologize for the delay, we are also working on getting the support system overhauled for a better customer experience). Your patience is hugely appreciated!

Thanks again and we look forward to continuing development with a much more expeditious rate and to continue being the World's Most Advanced Virtual Pipe Organ Software X V!

Re: Website Issues and Licensing Current Status

PostPosted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:28 pm
by B. Milan
Just a quick note to inform you that the migration form has been up all day today and is functioning. If you did not get your instrument licenses migrated due to the server issue yesterday yet please use this form again by uploading your migration file and you will have everything you own migrated into your iLok account.