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Version 6 Insights

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:53 pm
by M. Qualley
Hello and Best Wishes to all of the Hauptwerk Community!

We just wanted to give everyone some insights on the release of Version 6. This initial release was intended to be more of a soft launch. Which is why there has not been a lot of communication or wide scale roll out. This approach was intentional to ensure all systems were working smoothly. Moving forward we will be increasing awareness of V6 to the larger community.

• Version 6 and future versions will continue to focus on bringing more of what you have wished for! Moving forward it is our goal to have smaller but more frequent releases so that new features and improvements are available on a consistent and regular basis. This is a particularly important strategy since anything in technology is, to quite an extent, at the mercy of external factors, e.g. what Apple/Microsoft/PACE/Qt/hardware companies do.

• V6 is now available and the pricing structure is posted on the pricing page on our web site at We have introduced a new perpetual price category for all V5 users to upgrade to V6 for only $99.
• Version 2,3,4 users can upgrade directly to V6.
• When upgrading from V5 to V6 and activating a Perpetual license for V6 in iLok License Manager you will need to 'surrender' your Hauptwerk V5 license. The iLok License Manager will guide you through these steps. If upgrading from V4 and earlier you will need to go through the migration process to get onto the iLok licensing platform which will also result in surrendering your old V4 license.
• Anyone who has upgraded to V5 in the last 30 days is eligible for a free upgrade to V6. Please contact us at support for assistance.

• Prices for pre-V6 subscribers won't see an increase in pricing as long as they maintain their subscriptions.
• All current subscription based customers are automatically upgraded to V6 (and will continue to be on the latest version as long as they remain subscribed). Current subscribers simply need to download V6 (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=19187&start=15#p144275) to use HW6. There is no need for a new license to be deposited into your account.

• The V6 Features Data sheet can be found here ... a-Book.pdf
• A complete library of details including the Release Notice and new User Guide can be found here:

Version 6 brings many new features and functions that have been requested by you, our most valued users. We hope everyone will join us on V6!

Thank you for your support!

Resellers please reach out privately if you have any additional questions.