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Not a Hauptwerk instrument, but it would be nice

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Not a Hauptwerk instrument, but it would be nice

PostThu Feb 22, 2018 8:40 pm

Just a WOW performance. Does make me want to practice more, but know I won't get to that level. :roll:

Google Nathaniel Gumbs if you want to learn more.

Notice how close his knees are to the bottom of the key desk. Schoenstein offers a pedal board with expression pedals, and toe pistons that can be raised and lowered, by remote control, with respect to the bench. (I found available 12 VDC electric linear actuators with a 2 inch travel that could do the job. Not planning to do that, tho.)

BTW, the B/W picture above the video is that of Ernest Martin Skinner..


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