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Extended ranks for transposition

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Extended ranks for transposition

PostSat May 07, 2022 12:19 pm

This came up on the Facebook Hauptwerk group. A user asked if there was any way so that if you transpose an organ, you don’t lose the notes on the bottom and the top you typically do. My response was that perhaps a CODM file could be made in which each division had more notes on the top and bottom (say 3-4) than usual. I suspect that for at least 3-4 semitones up and down, it would solve the problem, but there may be something I’m missing. Has anyone tried this and knows if it works or not? Is anyone aware of an ODF that has this feature?
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Re: Extended ranks for transposition

PostSat May 07, 2022 1:28 pm

Hello larason2,

Yes -- one could potentially do that. If the CODM.Rank object had the extended compass (but the samples themselves didn't) then Hauptwerk would re-pitch the nearest neighbouring samples (i.e. those at the extreme ends of the samples' compass) for the additional virtual pipes.

The associated objects (CODM Keyboard, Division and StopRank, etc.) would need to have the extended compass too.
Best regards, Martin.
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