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Allen ADC-8000 Project

Building organ consoles for use with Hauptwerk, adding MIDI to existing consoles, obtaining parts, ...
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Allen ADC-8000 Project

PostSat Sep 05, 2020 2:47 pm

Is anyone doing an Allen ADC MIDI conversion for HW while maintaining normal Allen operation? I am converting a beautiful 3-manual, drawknob console which came from the historic Hinson Baptist Church out here in Portland, Oregon. Since I need to be able to attach photos here and there I'm showing the details over on the Organ Forum under the Virtual Organ category. They are certainly not a HW competitor so I assume I'm not out of line posting about it here.

When everything is complete I'll try and update my neglected website with everything needed to reproduce my programs and circuit boards. This is a very affordable conversion using a pair of Teensy MCUs to replace part of the Allen capture system and monitor their matrix manuals and pedals. The result should be a fully functional Allen ADC-8000 that is also a complete console for Hauptwerk whenever HW is running. As it will use the HW status system to know when to run in a HW mode it is, I'm proud to say, a Hauptwerk-only solution, well, HW and the native Allen mode. At this point I see no value in running the two simultaneously.

I do plan to set up at least 13 speakers as that is the number of Allen audio channels. It should be a simple matter to set up a 16 in/16 out audio interface with the usual HW connections and 13 channels from the two Allen card cages feeding 13 physical inputs.

I received 24 Allen HC-15 speakers and two HC-12's with this console. All the midrange drivers need new cone surrounds so I have those in hand and one day will attempt the repair on three or four speakers so that I can evaluate them for potential use in a church. In the past I felt these speakers sounded a little "stuffy" but I need to get a few in proper repair and have a fair listen and make some measurements.

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