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Nord PK 27 Pedalboard

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Nord PK 27 Pedalboard

PostThu Oct 29, 2020 3:48 pm

Dear Members,

I hope you are all and your families and loved ones in good health.

I am building a portable two manual console since i have been on the move lately and unable to practice regularly.

I am planning to buy the Nord Pk27 Pedalboard. This was recommended by a forum member at the time.

My two questions are:

- Is this pedalboard suitable to play classical organ, will I be able to use both feet with toes and heels comfortably.
- Can we play 2 or 3 notes at the same time, or only one note will be triggered at a time.

This pedalboard reminds me of the Late Maestro Karl Richter performing Bach Passacaglia in Ottobeuren

Your advice and recommendations are much appreciated.

Best regards,



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Re: Nord PK 27 Pedalboard

PostThu Oct 29, 2020 7:55 pm

My church group has a Nord C2D and the Pedal Keys 27. The pedals are long enough to play with heel toe technique, and the MIDI implementation allows more than one note to sound simultaneously. The expression pedal is also quite a good one.

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