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Options for Rocker Tabs

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Options for Rocker Tabs

PostFri Apr 09, 2021 8:27 pm

I'm setting up my first Hauptwerk console - 3 manual. Main control will be through a touch screen.

Not likely to get too many sample sets - rather want to focus on a small number.

I was thinking to use the touch screen to operate the stops. But I will also have up to 54 rocker tabs that I can set up for common functions for the various samples. Thinking of couplers/master couplers; floating division functions, eg switching manuals; tremulants; recording start/stop, etc.

But I'm a novice at this. So wondering if there are any suggestions out there on some of the features/things to assign that could be common to every sample set and that would really increase your functionality while playing.
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Re: Options for Rocker Tabs

PostSun Apr 11, 2021 2:09 pm

Hello LenS:

Here are some setting I've programed on a L/P in addition to what you've listed:

- Registration Copy & Registration Paste
- Bass coupler for each manual, really handy for when my kids or their friends want to try a piano piece on the organ
- Transpose up, down, & zero
- Switching sample sets (load favorite organ 1, load favorite organ 2, etc.)
- Switch to a different memory level
- Audio reset
- Normal screen size command (handy for quickly accessing the Windows desktop)
- Full screen size command (to pop back to HW running full screen)
- Computer shut down (place this one on the far end somewhere)

Danny B.
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Re: Options for Rocker Tabs

PostMon Apr 12, 2021 12:55 pm

I personally would want to have some for different temperaments. I know not all people play with them, but I really like them for the right music.

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