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Allen Keyboards Salvaged

PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2021 11:25 am
by Coenraads
Recently I was given the opportunity to salvage what I wanted from an Allen MDC 20 before it was taken to the dump. I jumped at the chance to acquire a pair of Allen keyboards. These wooden keyboards with real switches play so much better than the electronic keyboards I had been using. These keyboards are already matrix wired and I was able to use all the existing keyboard wiring which I connected to an Arduino Mega. 
I posted my progress on the Organ Forum: ... -revisited ... post773801

The code is posted here: ... board-midi

For clarity, and ease of understanding, I wrote it in what I call "linear code." Instead of using a pair of nested FOR()  loops to perform the scans, I simply wrote the same code over and over. Easy to do with copy and paste. Afterwards it's a simple matter of editing the numbers. There is no downside to doing it this way and in principle, it should even run slightly faster.