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Stops jambs with oled displays

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Stops jambs with oled displays

PostFri May 13, 2022 3:17 am

Hi everybody.

a couple of years ago, I built 2 pannels of buttons (72 of them arranged in a 9x8 matrix) to select organ stops, using an Arduino Leonardo to control the MIDI messaging and the led lights. I was not completely satisfied by how the labeling of the stops was happening. The reason is that I had to have paper strips with the names of the stops, different for each organ. Such a method resulted in a annoying way to switch from one organ to another as the paper strips had to be manually replaced.

I hence started a project to have an oled display for each button and have the update of the screens happen automatically every time I change organ.

Others may have built similar solutions and I know some who did it and posted their approach in this forum too. I just want to share mine.

I have now two stop jambs, each one has 9x8 buttons with 9x8 oled screens. The buttons are, from the previous version, arcade game buttons each one with a led. The oled are 0.96" displays, SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) based (very important), 128x64 pixels.

The button are driven, as before, by an Arduino Leonardo (because it has a very nice USB support). The oled screens are driven by a very cheap Raspberry PI Pico programmed in (Circuit) Python. Both microprocessors communicate with Hauptwerk and the PC via MIDI over USB.

Adding an organ requires only to add a little command in Hauptwerk as explained here (, and to create a text file, stored in the Raspberry, with the descriptions and the arrangements of the stops for the organ.

I had the stainless steel plates laser cut in Spain and the PCB manufactured in China. I built the wooden box myself. Overall the result is very nice looking (at least to me) and I am very satisfied with its functionality.

A picture of the system can be seen here:

The last project I have to do is to add the new swell and expression pedals sitting in the shelf and redo the toe studs arrangements :wink:
Kind regards. Carlo.
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Re: Stops jambs with oled displays

PostTue May 17, 2022 6:57 am

Very nicely done! The professionally cut stainless steel facers really polish it off.

(Also, quite the harpsichord you've got there!)



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Re: Stops jambs with oled displays

PostTue May 17, 2022 7:54 am

I agree, really nice. That wasn’t a weekend project! I’m also jealous of the harpsichord! Thanks for sharing.

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