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Stream Deck vs. Launchpad

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Stream Deck vs. Launchpad

PostWed Dec 07, 2022 2:13 pm

I am running Hauptwerk 7 on a 2022 Macbook Pro (M1) running MacOS 13 (Ventura), using a 12.9" iPad to control it, on my church's 3-manual Allen Renaissance organ. I've set it up so the Allen functions on its own separately, and Hauptwerk is just "added" to it. I'd like to start using either a Novation Launchpad or El Gato Stream Deck to have physical buttons, just to hit general pistons for registrations to start (without programming the physical pistons on the Allen to Hauptwewrk). After reading all I can find here, it appears the LaunchPads are basically plug and play, whereas you might need some extra software (MidiLoop?) for the Stream Deck? Is this or any needed extra software even available for a Mac? I do like the larger size of the buttons on the Stream Deck. Has anyone used these controllers on a Mac and can give me some guidance? Thank you in advance.



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Re: Stream Deck vs. Launchpad

PostWed Dec 07, 2022 4:34 pm

I don't think the stream deck buttons are actually larger than the launchpad buttons, if anything they are the same size, maybe a bit smaller. They can, however depict pictures, but they are not large enough or have high enough resolution to be able to display much text, definitely not stop names. The stream deck is however, much much more expensive per button. There's now a bunch of plugins to have the stream deck send midi commands, even on mac, so if you go that route, then you can just download one of those plugins. Just program them to send note on/off commands on a channel other than the keyboards, pedals, or stops, and you are off to the races.
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Re: Stream Deck vs. Launchpad

PostWed Dec 07, 2022 4:38 pm

You need the Stream Deck software, plus the Stream Deck Midi add-in,
see, ( and see ... ck#p153098 ) and a virtual midi cable.

I have and use both on Windows PCs (not on MACs).

You can assign images and text to the buttons whereas you have to work out how to label the buttons on the LaunchPad. The buttons are smaller (1.5cm x1.5cm) than those on the LaunchPad (2.0cm x 2.0cm)

You could always try a "small" one first - I've used the 3x2 mini and placed it adjacent to the the lower manual.

The LaunchPad is supported in Hauptwerk and provided you get a supported model probably easier to set up. On Windows you need to install the basic LaunchPad driver (only), I assume it is similar on the MAC. Hauptwerk then does the rest. With the Stream Deck you need to configure the midi codes to send (i use note on and note off) and the text you want displayed. The Stream Deck can be set up so that you can "page" through different "virtual pages" of functions (you need to allow a button to be the "next page" function. There are macro like functions available through the midi add-in which could be used to sent multiple commands to Hauptwerk on a single button press - I've only "played" with this.

Hope this helps.

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