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PC recommendations please

Buying or building computers for Hauptwerk, recommendations, troubleshooting computer hardware issues.
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Re: PC recommendations please

PostMon Nov 16, 2020 12:01 am

A small note regarding SSD failure which is very rare, the answer is to do regular (planned/scheduled) backups. My preferred way is clone the drive which can be done on a slower device. If you have lots of data, cloning does take some time, but the result is that it provides a bootable result. With HW, the main use of the storage device is more used in the read mode. So fast read speed is a desirable feature. Not too long ago, I can recall either starting the computer and patiently (or impatiently) waiting for a sample set to load, or maybe leaving the computer run 24/7. With faster drives and faster RAMs, the wait time has been reduced considerably.

Just remember, whatever is state-of-the-art here and now, is already obsolete very soon. The analogy of driving a brand new car off the dealer's lot, it becomes a used car. The term future proofing is used, but for the most part that's difficult to achieve, but that's ok really. Some features don't make a great deal of difference vs their cost. So there exists the cost vs feature ratio. What's interesting is to watch the tech companies working to fill the demand gap. In the above Samsung 980, you 'll note it is backordered with a 14 to 21 day wait and a limit of 2 per customer. My 'strategy' is wait as the price will most likely come down and the wait time will become shorter. In the meantime, I'm quite happy with my EVO 970 Pro.

Be right back after the following commercial break. The commercial - I've become a satisfied (for the most part) customer of Amazon. There are many things to like in that regard. Suffice it to say, quoting a friend, "Amazon makes it too easy to buy from them, esp with their Prime service". End of commercial. I recall a phrase from a while back- try it, you'll like it. :lol: 8)




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Re: PC recommendations please

PostWed Nov 25, 2020 2:22 pm

Eddy... In my experience (I have prepared a dozen PCs for hauptwerk so far), forget about fast processors with few cores (contrary to what is said and recommended). For my hauptwerk system I bought a second-hand server (yes, a server!). it features two processors of 24 cores each, for a total of 48 cores. It works at a frequency of 2.6 Ghz, half of an I9 processor. 128 gb of ram and 2 2tb and 4tb ssd hard drives are installed. The latency is set to 11ms, I could also set it to 7ms but the difference is imperceptible. These cpu easily hold 20,000 polyphonic notes, so that the cpu touches the first red notch I have to "pound" the keyboards with a large sample and saturate 27,000 polyphonic notes. Hauptwerk doesn't need speed, but quantity of computation. Best wishes for your purchases.
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Re: PC recommendations please

PostTue Dec 08, 2020 9:03 am

Hello Bob

I have the asrock creator x570 and the AMD ryzen 9 5950. 128 GB ram.
With my Motu 828x i experienced some cracks and static sounds with first start up yesterday.
Disabling overclocking in the bios was very helpfull and resolved almost every sounds. But sometimes i experience a little cracks.
Restarting Reaper solves this mostly.
Do you have some tips regarding the Bios settings to have the best configuration for Hauptwerk.
I know my audio device isn't the latest verison but for now it will do.





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Re: PC recommendations please

PostTue Dec 08, 2020 2:05 pm

Howdy Jan. I was just browsing around the forum, and noticed a number of recent discussions regarding audio-glitches where Reaper seemed part of the mix. Personally, I'm using what should be a slower CPU than yours, both in core count and absolute speed per core - the 3900x, also with a X570 MOBO and 128GB of DDR4-3200 memory. I've been using this with both an inexpensive Behringer "free" D/A USB interface (ASIO4ALL driver), and more recently, a Focusrite Clarett with their own ASIO driver. I've never been able to induce an audio glitch, no matter what I do. Polyphony test consumes about 50% total CPU at 30,000+ (HW5, prior to the 96kHz and related changes, which consume more CPU resources.) However, I am running directly out from HW to the audio drivers - no VST link stuff. I am not overclocking the CPU except for the leaving the default PBO enabled, which is just AMD's "Turbo-boost" mode. I am running my memory sticks with their XMP profiles enabled (a MOBO BIOS function accessible at boot time), which is critical with DDR4 to get its rated speed - by default, DDR4 will clock at a fairly slow speed, and rated speeds like 3200/3600/3900 et al are technically all overclocks - but they are certified. Any monitoring utility, such as HWiNFO64 will be able to tell you what speed your memory clocks at.

Regarding VSTs, Martin and team recommended to someone to ensure they're using the 64-bit plugins, to avoid extra overhead incurred with the old 32-bit plugins. Their discussion also brought up ensuring that audio buffer sizes / rates were all aligned, HW, Reaper, and Audio - 1024 bytes, 1 buffer being recommended if I recall.
Cheers, Bob

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