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CPU spec

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CPU spec

PostFri Mar 05, 2021 8:21 am

The Audio quality in Vi is fabulous, but at the lowest buffer size of 128 my 6 core 8700k was struggling a bit, when running at 96k

So I recently replaced it with an i9 10850K (10 core) running with a motu ultralite 4.

but surprisingly with everything set the same on both machines the CPU monitor sits just below Yellow identical to my 8700.

I thought a machine 3 years younger with an extra 4 cores and 8 threads would give me a little more headroom.

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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Re: CPU spec

PostFri Mar 05, 2021 8:39 am

Hello David,

Whether reasonable performance can be achieved at extremely low latencies (e.g. a buffer size of 128) is determined more by the performance and timing all of the drivers in the system, individual hardware components (audio interface, motherboard, graphics chip, etc), and what's installed on the system, than by the amount of CPU power available.

I would regard a buffer size of less than 256 as 'experimental' -- 256 (or 512 at 96 kHz) is more likely to be reliable on most computers. 128 is extremely demanding in terms of hardware/driver/OS timing tolerances, and doubly so if using 96 kHz. I'd recommend sticking to 256 if using 48 kHz, or 512 if using 96 kHz -- each give only about 5 milliseconds of latency.
Best regards, Martin.
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