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Headphones for Hauptwerk

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Re: Headphones for Hauptwerk

PostSun May 19, 2024 3:23 pm

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Re: Headphones for Hauptwerk

PostSun May 19, 2024 5:03 pm

Hard measurements are not "audiophile cool-aid" - quite the opposite, in fact!

The measurements tell you what the devices actually do. Whether you can correlate those measurements with your experience is for you to say; but many people do find such reviews useful as a starting point in evaluating equipment.

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Re: Headphones for Hauptwerk

PostMon May 20, 2024 4:46 am

vpo-organist wrote:Hello Thomas,
I read in German forums, the 812 has a open chacteristic and the 872 a closed one.
The 812 is more neutral and the 872 has slightly overemphasized bass.
The 812 is better suited for mixing. How do you feel about the differences in terms of Hauptwerk?

I cannot hear an overemphasized bass with the K-872, both headphones are neutral in their way. But the K-812 sounds so naturally due to its open characteristics that I sometimes had to put it off and listen if my Nubert-speakers were on. Otherwise the 812 has a peak at 7 kHz and if the sample set is rather bright, it could be fatigueing. If you equalize this peak, the headphone loses its open characteristics on the other hand.
What a great advantage brings for me is listening with crossfeed, the virtual stage is wandering in front of the head and for me the headphones sound more than loudspeakers.
After several years with both ones my experience is the following: When you want to hear the last detail of your samples, choose the 812, when you like a slightly damped treble which is however much better than with the most headphones and don‘t want to be disturbed, choose the 872.
And a description is one side, as with loudspeakers you always have to listen before you make a purchase.
Best regards

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