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Question on behavior of continuous controls

Sampling pipe organs and turning them into something you can play in Hauptwerk.
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Re: Question on behavior of continuous controls

PostWed Jun 30, 2021 8:25 am

I received an answer/suggestions from Roman (Midi Hardware):

Hi Ed,
this is very common in synthesizer world.
Although I don't think it has any standard name. Ususally it is just one
of parameters in LFO. You might call it "LFO delay".

It would be pretty easy to do in Hauptwerk alone if they wanted to do
it, have you proposed such a thing to Martin?

Outside Hauptwerk it can be done in 2 ways. The hardware way, despite
the name is the easy way. Hook up to MIDI output and use traveling MIDI
bytes as reset for capacitor that is slowly charged. Then take the
voltage from that capacitor and feed to any of analog MIDI input, then
use that input as tremulant. This is like 5 parts solution, but the
drawback is - it will reset tremulant also when you change stops, or
move any other pedal. And it will always put tremulant to maximum in
pauses between playing.

The software way requires modification of my firmware. I'm not sure if
to use additional parameter or yet another event type (that would be 160
something). The main controller would check whenever any note is played.
When it's held for some time and no new notes coming, it would gradually
send increasing CC assigned in Hauptwerk as tremulant. It is more
elegant solution and not affected by pedals. It can be even made so each
keyboard has its own tremulant, although that doesn't make much sense,

I'm not an organist you know.

And this is the hard way, because I have to to do it in firmware, and
because of limited time resources I can't do any development now.

I could think of little utility module, plugged as pass-thru box in the
middle of any MIDI cable, that would do it the smart way, monitoring
only MIDI notes. This could work with any MIDI encoders. But again,
that's another thing to make...



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